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Chickens and other agriculture

The Zoning Ordinance “permits” chickens in AGR-1 (Residential Agriculture) and AGR-2 (General Agriculture) zoning districts, and allows chickens by a “special exception” (Board of Adjustment) in R-125, R-100, R-85, R-75, R-65, R-60 and R-50 zoning districts, which are all residential districts.  Roosters are prohibited.

  • Submit complaint to 311 with the address of the location of the chickens. 311 can be reached by calling 311, 334-625-4636, or by email to
  • If the zoning district does not permit chickens, a letter will be sent to the property owner and occupant (if not owner occupied) advising them they are not permitted on the property and they may make application for a special exception through our office to be placed on the next available agenda of the Board of Adjustment.
  • If no other complaints are registered, the case is closed.
  • If another complaint is registered, another letter is sent to the property owner and occupant (if not owner occupied), and a Planning Controls staff member will go out and attempt to get pictures of the chickens. 
  • If we continue to receive complaints we will need evidence (pictures, videos, advertisement, etc.) to file a petition in municipal court.
  • Sometimes we are unable to obtain pictures so we rely on the citizen registering the complaint to provide pictures.
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